Healthcare Products

The Healthcare industry requires technology that needs to improve the customer experience at multiple locations within the hospitals. At Posiflex, we have a range of POS systems that are suited for the healthcare industry that offer the power of a touch, convenience, and seamless transactions.

Best in class touch screen displays

The Touch Screens on our POS systems ensure the best touch response and are available in a wide range with or without an option of a secondary display. Our touch screen comes with a good screen resolution to ensure smooth readability and all the information are available without any distractions.

Mobility enables smooth backend Operations

Our Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) Technology enables faster inventory count or asset tracking in the stores, assist in checking-in registration counters, and help inpatient care within the hospital ward for medical supervision.

Faster POS Machines lead to Faster Registration and Checkout

Our POS systems are equipped with powerful processors to handle processes such as patient registrations, checkouts, and scheduling doctor visits. This in-turn results in better patient management and improves the processes in hospitals, resulting in faster transactions.



KT3230 / 3250

  • 32-inch PCAP Touch Screen
  • Quad Core or i3
  • Windows, Linux, or Android OS Support
  • Range of Mounting options
  • Easy Maintenance and wide range of peripherals


  • Printing Speed up to 220mm/sec
  • Indicators for power and error
  • Auto and Manual Cutters
  • Perfectly suited for Bars and Pubs
  • Compliance OPOS, JPOS, Windows, Linux, Android & iOS



  • 10-inch PCAP Touch Screen
  • Trail x5-Z8350 Processor
  • Windows Operating System
  • Detachable Tablet with a Pistol Grip
  • 2D scanner, MSR, Fingerprint, Dock Station