Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industry requires products with high levels of durability and longevity due to the harsh operating conditions. The IP ratings, drop sustenance, reliable service, and support of our products ensure that they work without any problems or defects in rugged environments. The touch screen used for controlling machines and product quality inspection at manufacturing plants are some of the best examples for Posiflex’s product catalogue at manufacturing plants

Hassle-free operations at Manufacturing Plants
We at Posiflex have designed our touch monitors to work in the harsh environments to offer all the information that is needed for operations to run smoothly at a manufacturing plant. From the details of the machinery to employee specifics all the data are available on the touch monitors making it a go-to tech for engineers and machine operators.

Built for Rugged Environment
Posiflex’s products are built to withstand temperature changes and harsh operating environment. The manufacturing floor operators need products that are sturdy and can survive the high levels of abuse on them. We use the best of the hardware components to tolerate the beating our products may take to offer trouble-free performance.

Strong Service and Support Network
Dedicated to providing a reliable service and support to all our customers, we at Posiflex strive hard to offer customer satisfaction at every level. As any trouble at manufacturing plants can cost huge production losses, we make sure you are assisted any time for our product troubles.




  • 10-inch PCAP Touch Screen
  • Trail x5-Z8350 Processor
  • Windows Operating System
  • Detachable Tablet with a Pistol Grip
  • 2D scanner, MSR & Dock Station


  • Sleek Look
  • Powerful and Reliable
  • GEN8E Base
  • Multi-Position Folding Base
  • Fanless Design
POS touch-screen


  • Intelligently Designed
  • Expanded Capability
  • Reliable



  • Versatility For Every Demand
  • Intel vPro Technology
  • Sleek Design, Proven Quality