Hospitality - Restaurant, QSR, Resort/Hotels

The hospitality industry has always been the one to be on the fast run to make sure the processes happen without any glitches as a minute of lag may result in a customer behaviour change. So, to counter all the mis-happenings, we have designed our POS systems for specific industries to offer you optimum performance at the needed times. No matter where our POS machines are installed, a restaurant counter, QSR, resorts, or at a hotel lobby, they are guaranteed to work without any lag and assist you 24/7.

Built for the industry
From the design to the peripherals fitted onto the POS machines, these machines will fit into any restaurant space or a hotel reception taking up minimal space and promising you of a clutter-free workspace. Similarly, in modern retail stores, FSRs and QSRs, a high volume of small transactions is seen requiring good processing speed and bigger memory (RAM). So, catering to the necessities our POS machines offer the right hardware for your businesses.

A Value for Money Buy
The All-in-one POS machines available with us are all made to offer solutions to most of the processes in a restaurant or a hotel. Our POS machines have it all that you are looking for a restaurant within a well- constructed body that is also designed to withstand any environment. Features such as IP65 rating and Clear Cable Management leaves no room for worry in a restaurant or a hotel.

Strong Service and Support Network
As a company that is committed to offering a strong, reliable service and support, we have been in the POS industry for 20+ years with customer satisfaction as our pillar. Particularly in the hospitality industry, we understand that even the smallest of an issue can cost a customer’s time and can impact your reputation so, we make sure we are available at your call at any given time.




  • 14-inch PCAP Touch IP65
  • Core i3
  • Windows or Linux Support
  • RFID, Scanner, 4G Sim & Fingerprint
  • Inbuilt 3- inch Printer with Auto cutter

KT3230 / 3250

  • 32-inch PCAP Touch Screen
  • Quad Core or i3
  • Windows, Linux, or Android OS Support
  • Range of Mounting options
  • Wide range of peripherals


  • 15.6-inch PCAP LCD Touch IP65
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Windows or Linux OS Support
  • Slim, Flexible and Expandable
  • Wall, Pole or Standalone Options