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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thermal printer and how does it work?

A thermal printer is a device that has fine pins, which are heated and form characters on paper since the paper is sensitive to heat. Posiflex has the thermal printer price in India with a printing speed of 300mm/sec. This printer is a higher-performance device that is best suited for printing receipts and information. It comes with an optional spill-resistant top cover and enables easy paper replacement.

What is a thermal printer good for?

Thermal printers are used to create receipts, and bills are usually used at restaurants or stores for faster processing time. One of the best brands for thermal printers in India is Posiflex. The thermal printer price in India is quite a feasible option for fast and effortless solutions. Its wireless connection and wall-mounted capabilities allow it to be deployed anywhere!

Can you print anything on a thermal printer?

Posiflex Thermal printer India printer range extends beyond labels because they can print on receipt papers, plastics, and composite material. You can get the best thermal printer price in India at Posiflex.

Do thermal printers need special paper?

Thermal printer India uses thermal paper, which is not just another ordinary paper; it is a special paper that is coated with an extremely special material, formulated to withstand heat when exposed to printing.

Which printer is best for shop?

Thermal printers are ideal for businesses that have POS transactions. They are great for a number of other functions, like printing receipts and bills, as they are a number of options for thermal printer price in India. It is the best thermal printer with a durable design suitable for any environment, built with a spill-proof design. It boasts a clever design that’s not only spill-resistant but also dust-resistant. Its wall-mounted design is the best fit for all needs and also has a 3” high-performance thermal printer auto clutter.