Hospitality - Restaurant, QSR, Resort/Hotels

The hospitality industry has always been the one to be on the fast run to make sure the processes happen without any glitches as a minute of lag may result in a customer behaviour change. So, to counter all the mis-happenings, we have designed our POS systems for specific industries to offer you optimum performance at the needed times. No matter where our POS machines are installed, a restaurant counter, QSR, resorts, or at a hotel lobby, they are guaranteed to work without any lag and assist you 24/7.

Built for the industry
From the design to the peripherals fitted onto the POS machines, these machines will fit into any restaurant space or a hotel reception taking up minimal space and promising you of a clutter-free workspace. Similarly, in modern retail stores, FSRs and QSRs, a high volume of small transactions is seen requiring good processing speed and bigger memory (RAM). So, catering to the necessities our POS machines offer the right hardware for your businesses.

A Value for Money Buy
The All-in-one POS machines available with us are all made to offer solutions to most of the processes in a restaurant or a hotel. Our POS machines have it all that you are looking for a restaurant within a well- constructed body that is also designed to withstand any environment. Features such as IP65 rating and Clear Cable Management leaves no room for worry in a restaurant or a hotel.

Strong Service and Support Network
As a company that is committed to offering a strong, reliable service and support, we have been in the POS industry for 20+ years with customer satisfaction as our pillar. Particularly in the hospitality industry, we understand that even the smallest of an issue can cost a customer’s time and can impact your reputation so, we make sure we are available at your call at any given time.




  • 14-inch PCAP Touch IP65
  • Core i3
  • Windows or Linux Support
  • RFID, Scanner, 4G Sim & Fingerprint
  • Inbuilt 3- inch Printer with Auto cutter


  • 15.6-inch PCAP Touch IP65
  • Latest Apollo Lake Processors
  • Windows 10 IoT/Linux by Request
  • Expandable Memory & Storage Options
  • Tabletop & Wall Mount Options

PS-3616 G2 White

  • Intelligently Designed
  • Expanded Capability
  • Reliable
  • Windows 10 IoT 64 bits
  • 15.6″ TFT LCD

Frequently Asked Questions

Posiflex POS machine restaurant carries out sales and transactions at a restaurant or hospitality organization. It facilitates fast, efficient, and secure interactions between the restaurant operations and its customers

Posiflex restaurant POS India can be adapted to work for various restaurants. It is one of the most reasonably priced options in fast and effortless solutions in India. You can also use a POS system for fast food restaurants due to its versatile application. Get the best pos for restaurant India from Posiflex

Posiflex has one of the most feasible point of sale systems available today. It’s quite easy to deploy because it can be set up without much customization – an ideal POS system for fast food restaurants. Get the Posiflex POS machine restaurant and fulfill your requirements. The best POS hardware for restaurants is provided by Posiflex.

Posiflex has the best POS for restaurant India. Restaurants can save time and increase productivity using the Posiflex solution, which has digitizing and inventory control and helps manage orders well. The Posiflex HS2415W is the best thermal printer with a durable design suitable for any environment, built with spill-proof features. It is equipped with a 14-inch PCAP touch IP65, core i3 processor, and supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. It is also equipped with RFID, Scanner, 4G sim, fingerprint reader, Wi-Fi, and MSR options. It boasts a clever design that’s not only spill-resistant but also dust-resistant. Get a Restaurant POS India from Posiflex technologies.

Posiflex hardware is utilized by most restaurants as they are the best POS system for restaurants. This is because they are rather practical, easy to use, and can be efficient when managing various aspects of the business. Posiflex POS machine restaurants are portable and easy to use.