Medium Size Cash Drawer

The CR4015 is a heavy-duty POS Cash Drawer made with quality and security in mind. It is easy to set up such as POS or in conjunction with PCs, and laptops as it connects via a USB interface for maximum productivity and varied usage. The rugged design of the cash drawer for POS has amplified heavy-gauge steel construction and added safety features in cashiering process w/ handle and lock as this makes billing & managing cash go hand in hand. This is the best cash drawer that can be used across retail and hospitality industries.

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Key Features

  • Adjustable Note/Coin Compartment
  • Compatible for PC or Laptop
  • Patented screen less design
  • Cashiering process w/Tray cover & lock

Additional information

Physical Characteristics
Dimension (W x D x H in mm)

426 x 460 x 105

Weight (N.W. in Kg)



Dedicated Serial, powered by 12V DC PC power kit, Non-dedicated Serial, powered by 12V DC adaptor, Parallel, powered by 12V DC adaptor, Printer driven, powered by printer or Posiflex system CR port, support 12V/24V voltage range;, Serial, powered by 12V DC adaptor, USB, powered by 12V DC adaptor, USB, powered by standard USB, auto step up to 12V


Heavy Duty Cash Drawer


Rugged design with reinforced heavy-gauge steel construction

Till Insert

• 5 adjustable bill compartments with plastic bill clip on CR-4000 Series
• 5 fixed bill compartments with metal bill clip on CR-4100 Series
• 9 fixed coin compartments

Cheque Slot


Brochure for CR4015 (EN) Download
User Manual
User Manual for CR4XX0-4XX1-4XX2-4XX3-4X04-4X05 (EN) Download
Drivers & Utility
CR4015 Series Cash Drawers USB Interface Functional Test Utilities for Windows Download
CR4015 Series USB CR SDK&VC6 Demo Program for Windows Download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cash drawer in POS?

A Posiflex POS cash drawer is a section of the cash register that holds credit card receipts, cash from transactions, and other paper documents. Posiflex designs a billing machine with cash drawer for easy operation.

What does a POS cash drawer do?

A POS machine with cash drawer is convenient for storing cash and coins and is mostly used in retail store activities, especially in the POS system. Posiflex manufactures POS machines with cash drawers for easy usability. The Posiflex CR4015 is the best pic for your requirements as it comes with an adjustable coin/note compartment, is compatible with PC and laptop, has a patented screen-less design, and is equipped with a cashiering process with tray cover and lock.

What is POS Cash Drawer?

The cash drawer for POS system has cash storage capabilities with a detachable cash tray. This cash drawer is popular in retail locations where security may be a concern because of its special lock and locking mechanisms. A billing machine with cash drawer is widely used in retail stores.

How do you connect a cash drawer to POS?

Posiflex POS cash drawer India allows users the ability to connect the device to their POS by going into Device > Settings and ensuring that the hardware is turned on.

What is an electronic cash drawer?

POS machine with a cash drawer is a multi-functional register system that can help large and small retail chains count their sales, eliminate errors at the checkout counter, and facilitate collections of information relating to the inventory. Posiflex provides POS cash register drawer for a fast transaction and easy operation.

Does POS cash drawer need power?

Most modern POS cash drawers can be connected to printers via a USB cable, and no extra power is required. The Posiflex CR4015 is a heavy-duty POS cash drawer made with quality and security in mind. It is easy to set up and connects through a USB interface for maximum productivity and varied usage.

How much money should be in a POS cash drawer?

A significant amount of money can be kept in a POS cash register drawer; it accurately keeps track of the transactions and currency amounts. You can have as much cash as the system can accommodate. Get the POS cash drawer India from Posiflex peripherals.

What happens when your cash drawer is over?

Posiflex has the best cash drawer in place and happens to have some of the best cash registers that notify beforehand in case there are situations where overages occur. You need to refill the cash drawer for POS system.