4 Less Known Features Of POS Systems You Can Benefit From

When investing in a Point Of Sale Terminal, there’s always an exciting range of conversations about the wonderful functionality it adds in terms of billing, customer servicing and inventory management. A little light is thrown on the various other use cases of a Point of Sale system. And far lesser is known that many Point Of Sale Systems offer some rare functionalities that your business can benefit of.

Let’s dig deep into 4 less known features of POS systems that you most certainly need to know of!


POS systems comprise of various options when it comes to configurations. For instance the PS3316E allows configuration options with various types of interfaces – Serial, Parallel, LAN, CR Display, VGA, USB among others. Businesses can utilize this aspect and turn the POS into a machine that is totally integrated into daily processing and transactions, at various levels. Connecting a POS to a VGA can help in displaying business/transaction related information to required personnel. The availability of a USB port totally transforms the flexibility of your POS system with numerous devices that can be connected to it.


While it becomes very easy to think that Point of Sale terminals normally use a certain type of Operating System, one must consider the various options available. Modern Point of Sale systems are highly adaptable to various types of Operating Systems. These can range anywhere from the very traditional Linux and Windows environments to modern Android based OS. In today’s day and age, it is imperative for any technology investment to be flexible in terms of adoption to modern operating systems. Posiflex’s range of POS comes power packed with huge options for software support.


Move beyond just connecting your POS to a keyboard and printer. If you desire to reap more from your Point Of Sale system, remember there are options! Pole displays, barcode scanners, mounted display units, RFID scanners, high-performance printers are some of the various peripherals you can consider investing on in order to raise the bar on your customer servicing lines. No matter what industry you operate in, if you have found installing a Point Of Sale terminal to be of any benefit, you can only grow it manifold through the use of appropriate peripherals which will come at a nominal cost but add huge value to your business.


New age POS systems come with the ability to connect various contemporary input options such as micro-SD cards, micro-SIM cards, Power Jacks, micro-USBs to name a few. Data can be easily migrated between systems and backed up often through these options. You can save yourself the trouble of data loss by putting good use of these methods of data input and output.


Take advantage of these rarely spoken of features Point of Sale systems provide, as they can add significant value to your business when used appropriately. Speak to Posiflex to see what type of POS suits your business and to find out how you can leverage these rare features to maximize your investment!

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