mPOS Solutions – Not just for retailers

Mobile point of sale systems (mPOS) are dominant in the retail industry. Be it in retail stores or cash on delivery (COD) for e-commerce sites, mPOS devices have improved the way in which offline transactions take place.

The compactness of mPOS Solution devices has enabled salespeople in retail stores to check-out multiple customers at a given point of time. Add to that, mPOS devices embedded in self-service kiosks have reduced the friction at checkout counters. mPOS devices that come with a printer attached are much faster than the conventional inkjet and dot matrix printers. These printers use heat to create print, thus reducing the smudge and the mess.

Though mPOS Solutions have got enough attention in the retail industry, that doesn’t mean that their scope is limited to just the retail sector. mPOS devices are gaining good momentum in other sectors as well. In this article, we will discuss the various industrial verticals that are gearing up with mPOS technology.

mPOS Solutions in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is about making the customer comfortable. You have to get things done wherever the customer is comfortable and not vice versa. In this case, mPOS devices would help you to show your hospitality to guests at places that are convenient. For example, guests at a hotel order food and drinks but might not prefer the charges to be added to the hotel rent. In this case, mobile POS devices would help the room service staffs generate the invoice and get the payment on the spot as soon as they deliver the food.

Mobile point of sale devices is best suited for restaurants where the waiters don’t have to go to the checkout counters to get the bill printed. With mPOS devices like POS tablets and compact thermal printers, the waiters can instantly generate a bill as soon as the diners request the cheque. Besides creating an instant invoice, POS tablets also enable waiters to instantly send the orders to the kitchen without having to walk back and forth. This way waiters get more time to watch out for the needs of the diners. Also, they will get enough time to increase the frequency of table turns.

mPOS devices in the manufacturing industry
The manufacturing sector is one of the fastest industries to adopt automation and digitization. The sector aims to incorporate as many modern technologies as possible to streamline every process. Conventionally, the manufacturers produced goods in bulk and send them to different resellers. They use paper and pen to keep a track of what has been sent out of the manufacturing unit and to whom. Post which manual data is updated to the inventory management system, which is extremely time consuming and error-prone.

This is where mPOS devices come in to save the day. Since you can carry mPOS devices everywhere with you, you can record the movement of your goods and create invoices from wherever you need to. Creating instant invoices and attaching them to every package can ensure that the right product is delivered to the right customer.

mPOS devices in the healthcare industry
mPOS devices ensure compliance more than convenience. POS systems are end-to-end encrypted and they make sure that the patient’s payments are secured and the health records are kept confidential.

Using mPOS devices medical records can be generated in the doctor’s office itself. The patient doesn’t have to wait in a queue or at the reception. Also, these devices make the check out process in pharmacy easy. Unlike the traditional methods where the patient’s attendee has to walk back and forth with the prescriptions from the ward to the pharmacy, mPOS devices would enable doctors to send the prescription to the pharmacy so that they can deliver the right medicines to the right room. Also, the pharmacy retailer can generate instant invoices and get paid instantly using mPOS devices.

This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy which is critical when it comes to health care.

Wrapping it up,

Though industries like retail, hospitality, and healthcare are quite quicker in adopting mPOS technology, other verticals like entertainment, finance, engineering, etc. are not far behind. Industry experts give a positive prediction about the market of mobile POS devices in the future. Traditional POS systems are depreciating at a rate of 2.5% while the mPOS systems are growing at a rate of 9.2%.

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