Top 5 Helpful Features to Watch Out for While Purchasing a Receipt Printer

PP8802/PP8803 Receipt Printer

Receipt printers play an active role in the day-to-day store processes and offer happy customer experiences. The key aspects of a good Receipt Thermal Printer are enabling your businesses to a seamless check-out process and provide long product life even in the toughest environments. This is where PP8802 / 8803 becomes an ideal choice.
This receipt printer has a host of features that make it a popular choice among users.

  • Thermal Printer Speed
    Print speed is an important factor to consider in a receipt printer. A standard receipt printer prints 10 pages per minute. While the PP8802/8803 prints faster at a speed of 220mm/sec churning out about 14 pages per minute. So, no doubt getting one of these will boost your productivity levels.
  • Print Quality
    Another major feature of a printer in the checklist is the print quality. A standard receipt printer’s resolution ranges from 512 dots per line. But the PP-8802/8803 offers high-quality printing up to 576 dots per line, making it a value buy. Moreover, these printers work with any available print rolls in the market offering the lowest cost solution. Additional features also include support for 1D/2D printing capabilities as well. It has got the capability of supporting 58MM and 80MM printer width.
  • Spill-Proof
    Built to resist dust and liquid splashes, the PP8802/8803 works in any environment, making it the least of your worries. Also, an optional spill-resistant top-cover designed for environments like pubs and bars protects the printer.
  • Wall-mount
    The adjustable wall mounting option on the PP8802/8803 offers better convenience for businesses set up in a tight space. When space is a concern, this printer is a great option that gets your job done. It can be a form factor for the KOT purpose.
  • Connectivity
    Options such as USB, serial, and LAN enhance the connectivity on the PP8802/8803. The PP8802 printer offers USB+Serial and PP8803 supports USB+Serial+LAN. Features such as auto-cutter to improve your work efficiency and save time. For the KOT environment, we can add on a buzzer if required.

So, be it a retail space or a restaurant, we have the right printer for you that can make check-out processes hassle-free. Start your business journey by checking out our printers and request a demo today.

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