Building Trust: 25 Years of Posiflex POS Peripherals

POS Peripherals

POS Peripherals

Posiflex is one of the largest manufacturers of POS and peripheral OEM/ODM products, established in 1984. It is headquartered in Taiwan and specializes in designing point-of-sale management hardware and peripherals. The Posiflex team follows a very robust process to design their terminals through intense research and development methodologies. Their expertise in building POS systems began in 1991 and began marketing OBM products in 1996. 

Posiflex’s in-plant operations are tailored to manage the production of hardware with increased precision. They monitor each stage of the production chain and specialize in offering peripherals and hardware across the supply chain. They have supplied point of sale systems across 75 countries and established 9 subsidiaries as well. Being one of the largest manufacturers of POS peripherals such as a POS touch screen system, they are certified by ISO 9001:14001 compliance standards. 

Posiflex’s products are known for their versatility as they are designed on an open architecture and support cross-platform integration. Their designs are widely known across the globe and have won awards such as the RED DOT.

Posiflex specializes in providing self-serve kiosks, programmable Keyboards, integrated POS hardware, touch screen terminals with LCD displays, and more. They also provide barcode scanners, and thermal printers to large-scale shopping centers as well. They adhere to a robust manufacturing process to create a device that is tailored to customer needs. Their prime motto is to transform conventional mechanical operations into a user-friendly, engaging experience through interactive terminals that helps your business to grow and succeed. Posiflex transforms mundane business operations by automating processes and ensuring faster operations for increased customer service.

Our Journey

Posiflex’s operations in India were conceived in 1997 with its main motto of delivering un-compromised product quality and assured after-sales service for customers. Our process has instilled trust in our customers and we have seen a growth of 50% in market share with flawless after-sales services. Our perseverance and attention to detail have ensured the successful installation of 100K POS terminals and POS peripherals across all metro cities in India. This has earned us wide acceptance across global, national, and regional brands in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. 

Posiflex prioritizes its customers with a customer-first approach and assured satisfaction with increased preference given to the product development process. We have a wide network across Bangalore with 10 branch offices, 200 channel partners, 550 support locations, and over 170 employees. Our support structure is integrated and highly alert in addressing customer queries across the board with our PAN India presence. We improvise our products according to customer feedback and ensure the best-in-class products. 

It has been 25 years since Posiflex technologies took its baby steps in India and established itself as one of the most successful companies in providing hardware and POS peripherals. Posiflex provides POS peripherals and a touch screen POS billing machine across retail, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Being one of the leading brands in the industry, we now have established a strong presence in the Indian market. 

Posiflex India started off in the year 1997 and in 2000, we established our first office in Bangalore and began expanding our operations slowly. We started to build a warehouse with our newly formed team and began distributing it to clients across the country. We got our first POS customer in 2001, and we were on the road to establishing Posiflex as a strong brand in India. We set up a large warehouse that helped us to operate efficiently and address customer queries in the best possible way. 

In 2005, we established a larger workspace and collaborated with various agencies to recruit new candidates. We also connected with various clients and began pitching our sales proposal as well. This was a new three-story building with enough area for our recruits to work comfortably. We had first decided to work on QPOS in this establishment, and it became a grand success for us. Our workspace had the right ambiance for our employees to work, socialize and discuss ideas. This helped us to expand our workforce and instill trust in our employees. 

Our will to explore different segments and encourage new ideas through brainstorming and ideation has helped our firm to grow further. With constant feedback from our clients, we provide consistent updates to our devices that help overcome recurring challenges and build the right environment for our customers. Our overall journey has been very fruitful, and we have been able to upscale our business ever since, thanks to our team of experts who have put in their hard work to make everything possible. 

Our Range of Products

For the last 25 years, Posiflex has been providing a wide range of point of sale systems and hardware devices such as self-serve kiosks, touch screen POS billing machine, point-of-sale devices, and other essential terminals. Our state-of-the-art kiosks help industries to amplify their business operations and enhance the customer’s buying experience. Customers need not wait in long queues; they can choose their products/services with the tap of a button. Even during peak hours, businesses can always engage with customers and give them their undivided attention through kiosks. 

Posiflex peripherals are one of the most sold devices in both India and abroad. We have satisfied several customers through our POS devices as they help businesses to keep track of customers, analyze their purchasing behavior, and provide coupons or promotional discounts. POS terminals are equipped with a touch screen terminal that helps store executives to access information easily. They are considered to be the best peripherals POS system.

Most importantly, Posiflex POS peripherals helps businesses to view their inventory and keep them stocked up beforehand. It also notifies retail store managers about the products that are nearing expiry dates. Posiflex POS terminals are highly versatile and can be connected to a wide range of devices to enable faster checkouts. They can be connected and synchronized with devices like programmable keyboards, barcode scanners, and even other POS terminals. We also provide thermal printers and point-of-sale boxes (POS boxes).

Our 25th Anniversary

On the occasion of Posiflex’s silver jubilee anniversary, we take pride in celebrating our big day by cherishing the gratifying feedback from our customers. With markets seeking flexibility and durable products that are built for speed, we are here to establish a dynamic market for POS peripherals across the globe. We are committed to working with customers by anticipating challenges and forecasting business needs to achieve results. Despite the challenges during the pandemic, we have grown by over 40%, thanks to our channel partners, customers, and vendors. We drive success through cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize the future of retail and shape a better future. 


At Posiflex, we feel so exhilarated to have shared our journey with you. Without the support of our customers and our team, we would not have been able to reach great heights. With the ever-changing market and increasing digitalization across the globe, we make it a point to modify our products and incorporate the latest innovative features to keep your business exceed with the current standards. We provide the best thermal printer, POS peripherals, cash drawer for POS, and a POS touch screen system for your business needs.

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