Programmable Keyboards For Optimal Business Function

Programmable Keyboard

Programmable Keyboard

Reaching a destination via a shortcut is always a better option than traveling a longer distance. Similarly, while running a business, it will be easier if there is a shortcut key to performing functions and streamlining the process better. With programmable keyboards, you can create shortcuts to functions and save time. These keyboards enable you to assign custom actions to various keys according to your requirements. 

For instance, if a customer places an order at a fast food restaurant, a programmable keyboard can be used to input his order instantly with just the tap of a button rather than keying in the data, searching for the item, and confirming the order. They can also help view customer orders and stock inventory instantly without navigating through a series of options in the system. They can be widely used in industries such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and even healthcare. Here is how programmable keyboards will help amplify your business operations and boose customer satisfaction. 

Assigning Custom Key Actions For Fast Operation

The best programmable keyboard is one which helps users to add and configure key functions seamlessly. It helps in easy customization and mapping of functions confined to a few keys. They also help in re-configuring the keys and re-assigning the functions of a key as and when required. It is similar to assigning hotkeys (shortcut keys) on a Microsoft computer keyboard. In this way, it can enable businesses to re-assign their key functions according to their offerings, thereby avoiding confusion and additional costs in purchasing a new keyboard. 

In order to assign functions on a programmable keyboard, you need a utility software that helps you to configure the functions. Custom actions can be assigned to most of these keys; however, not all programmable keyboards support a fully customizable key functions. i.e. not all keys on the keyboard can be programmed. There will be a few keys that cover standard functions. There are a few keyboards where all keys can be fully programmed. So before you choose one, ensure that you select the one which is most appropriate for your operations. 

Boost Employee Productivity And Customer Satisfaction

With pre-assigned functions to keys, store executives and managers can effortlessly address business and customer needs flawlessly. They can leverage its functionality to ensure speedy operations and fast customer service, with quick access to inventory and order information. For instance, when numerous customers place orders in a restaurant, the store executive must keep confirming their orders by picking them from a long list. This process is oftentimes time-consuming and can result in a long queue. However, a custom programmable keyboard enables businesses to assign orders with the click of a button by mapping frequented orders to dedicated keys. This ensures faster customer service and flawless operations. 

Store executives and managers can use the best programmable keyboard and map their functions accordingly. They can also update any outdated functions by mapping new functions to the existing keys with ease. Store managers can also assign dedicated functions with regards to inventory management or other related functions as well. 

Why Choose Posiflex Programmable Keyboards?

Before choosing a programmable keyboard, you need to ensure that it aligns with the business requirements. You need to go for the one with the most keys for assigning functions. Most importantly, they need to support the remapping functionality, otherwise, it will be difficult to update the functions accordingly. Choosing a fully customizable programmable keyboard is advisable as it enables you to assign functions to the maximum number of keys. 

Posiflex provides one of the best programmable keyboard India, with a wide range of features that cater to different industries. Be it retail stores, hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, bars, cafes manufacturing plants, hospitals, or clinics, you can leverage the use of Posiflex’s 84-key programmable keyboard for fast operations and effortless programming keystrokes. You can quickly assign custom actions to various keys and save time in daily business operations. Posiflex programmable keyboards are specially designed to be compatible with PC’s and POS boxes as well. They have the maximum number of keys that can be programmed with minimal effort. They come with a spill-resistant rugged design that allows you to operate in different environments with relative ease. 

Posiflex programmable keyboards also support the option of attaching a magnetic stripe reader that ensures faster customer service. They come with 84 programmable keys with 6 position control keys for streamlined navigation. It has a blank key and a double key for an alternative key group layout. Its programming is under DOS and Windows with multiple levels, multi-page, and whole range key content as well with functions such as whole range key content, time delay, position sense answer back code, and more. 

Posiflex programmable keyboards are the right choice for your business as they are versatile in operation, and ensure easy and fast programming of keystrokes with sufficient spacing for efficient operations.