Complete Guide To Touch Screen POS Terminals

Touch POS terminal

Touch POS terminal


Touch POS terminal is becoming increasingly popular in the retail and hospitality industry. They provide a convenient, efficient, and secure way to process payments. These terminals have touch screens that allow customers to quickly enter their payment information without manually typing it in. They also offer a more streamlined checkout experience for customers and increased security for merchants. These terminals can track sales data and provide valuable insights into customer behavior. As such, the touch screen POS terminal is becoming essential for businesses to stay competitive.

Touch Screen POS Terminals: A Brief Overview

The touch POS terminal allows customers to engage with services and products offered by the business. Touch screen POS terminals provide customers and employees with a convenient and secure way to engage in purchase decisions. They can track sales data, manage inventory, and issue refunds. This blog discusses the various features and benefits of the POS touch screen terminal.

Touch POS terminal

Types Of Touch Screen POS Terminal

The modern touch POS terminal comes with various types of displays, but some of the widely used touch screens in the market include:

Attached And Foldable

The touch POS terminal with foldable and detachable LCD screens leverages one of the best technologies in the point-of-sale industry. These terminals are designed to provide a more efficient and convenient way to process transactions. They can be folded into a compact size for easy transport and storage while providing a large display area to view customer information efficiently. They have detachable touch screens that can be used in different environments depending on the need of the business. This technology offers businesses increased flexibility, improved customer experience, and cost savings benefits.


The touch POS terminal with a small PCAP LCD screen offers businesses the perfect solution for their point-of-sale needs. The small size of the display ensures that it takes up minimal space while providing adequate viewability. The PCAP touch screen technology allows users to interact with the terminal quickly and easily, making checkout processes more efficient and reducing wait times. With its many benefits, the POS touch screen terminal is becoming increasingly popular in retail, hospitality, and other industries.

Adjustable Screen

The touch POS terminal with a multifunctional base and an extendable screen are becoming increasingly popular as they offer great flexibility. These terminals come with adjustable height and angle features, allowing the user to adjust the terminal’s position to their needs. The extendable screen feature also helps provide better visibility and access to the terminal. With these features, businesses can experience improved productivity, better customer experience, and increased efficiency.

How Does A POS Terminal Function?

A POS (Point of Sale) terminal functions by scanning or entering the item information—the item information, including its price and other relevant details, is retrieved from a database. The system calculates the total cost by adding the prices of all the items purchased and considers any applicable taxes and discounts.

The payment processing stage is critical, and it involves the customer providing payment using credit cards, debit cards, cash, or mobile payments. The POS terminal communicates with the payment processor to verify and process the payment. After the payment, the POS terminal records the transaction details, including the items purchased, the amount paid, and the payment method.

The information recorded can be used for accounting and inventory management purposes. It gives businesses insight into their sales performance, inventory levels, and customer preferences. In addition, the system can print out a receipt that serves as a transaction record for the customer.

Benefits Of Adopting A Touch Screen POS Terminal

Touch POS terminals offer many benefits for businesses. These include improved accuracy, faster transaction times, and increased efficiency. With touch screen technology, cashiers can quickly and easily enter item information and process payments.  The touch screen POS terminal also enables businesses to manage their inventory more effectively, reducing wastage and increasing profits. The touch screen technology can enhance the customer experience by providing a more modern and interactive way to complete transactions.

Touch Screen POS Terminal Features

The touch screen POS terminal is widely available from various providers and comes with different features to suit different business needs. There are numerous features available, but let us explore some of the key features and support that these peripherals offer: 

  • They leverage the latest processors to offer speedy performance for efficient transactions and provide multiple ports to connect peripheral devices like card readers, barcode scanners, sim cards, and receipt printers.
  • The touch-screen POS terminals come in various display sizes with different resolutions, which can quickly help businesses find the perfect fit for their requirements. These terminals simplify interaction, providing benefits to employees as well as customers.
  • The touch screen technology of the POS terminals makes it easy for staff to navigate menus, items, and payment options, ensuring ease of use for employees and customers. Some terminals come with built-in cameras and integrated printers, enhancing security and allowing you to print receipts and documents on the spot.
  • The durability and reliability of touch screen POS terminals are crucial considerations for businesses. POS terminals are designed to be robust, with sturdy materials, and built to handle frequent usage without failing.
  • The touch screen POS terminals also feature fanless operation, which minimizes noise and dust accumulation, and a spill-resistant design to protect against accidental spills, ensuring their longevity. In addition, the latest terminals offer Android and OS compatibility like Windows, and LTE support, enhancing their functionality.

The Industry-Leading Provider Of Seamless POS Solutions

Touch screen POS terminals are crucial for businesses to manage transactions and finances efficiently. With various features available from different providers, including Intel processors, multiple ports, and user-friendly touch screens, POS terminals are a popular choice. These terminals are designed to be durable and reliable, making them a worthwhile investment for any business.

Posiflex is a leading provider of the touch POS terminal featuring an extensive range of features and options that cater to different business needs. Their terminals offer fast processing speeds, easy navigation, and durability to withstand regular use. Their terminals also provide unique features, such as fanless operation and spill-resistant design, with hardware compatibility and mounting options. Posiflex offers technical support and warranty options, ensuring customers have access to help when needed and trust in their purchase.

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