4 Key Features of POS Peripherals

POS Peripherals

Did you know that peripherals pos system can do a lot more than just billing, customer servicing, and inventory management? Better yet, there are a number of rare functions embedded in the hardware, which are like easter eggs. All you need to do is to take some time out, explore more, and find those easter eggs. You will never know; one of those hidden functions might make your daily processes far simpler by further enhancing your process and eliminating some extra manual effort as well. Let’s dig deeper to find those hidden Easter eggs which could make your business processes much simpler. Also, let us understand how Siddharth, an apparel store owner, and an aspiring guitarist, is able to find those easter eggs that help his business perform better. 

Mobile App Compatibility

Unlock your phone and type the version name and make of the peripherals pos system that you use in either the app store or Google play store. You have already found your first easter egg. Most POS hardware has a wide range of applications that enable faster check-out for customers via their smartphones or tablets. Customers can download such apps and make their purchases without having to wait in a long queue. Also, store executives can use another version of the same app to coordinate with customers while browsing the store and making purchases. Let’s see how Siddharth, a lead guitarist, is benefitted from this functionality. 

Siddharth wants to purchase a new electric guitar for his upcoming concert but is tired of waiting in a long queue and is skeptical of carrying cash as his neighborhood is not safe. As he makes his way to the car, he notices a pamphlet on the windshield. This pamphlet is about a musical instrument store that promises a seamless check-in and check-out and supports a cashless purchase. With a big grin on his face, he drives to the store. When he enters the store, one of the store executives asks him to scan a QR code on his browser, which grants him access to the range of instruments and their respective locations in the store. 

Siddharth goes to the electric guitar section of the store and tests each guitar. After an hour, he chooses the one which best suits his requirements and style. He inputs the product code and the serial number of the instrument on the application and makes the payment through his credit card. He shows the payment confirmation and receipt to the store executive and leaves the store with utmost satisfaction.

POS Systems are Configurable

It was a fine Saturday morning, and Siddharth was quite gloomy. He received a lot of complaints from customers that they were unable to access transaction-related information. With a heavy heart, he logged into the laptop and used his programmable keyboard to browse for the make and model of his POS peripheral to get a better insight into the device. He wasn’t able to find anything of use, so he turned to customer care for assistance. 

The customer care executive was quite helpful to Siddharth. She explained to him about numerous configuration options that can help both his employees and customers remain updated about the daily processes and transactions at different stages of the purchase process. Siddharth had found his next easter egg as he understood that the POS peripheral could be configured with various interfaces like LAN, CR display, VGA, USB and others. 

Siddharth could turn his POS touch screen system into a fully integrated machine that helped in transactions and daily processing. He connected the POS to a VGA, thereby enabling him to display transactions and information to the required customer. He also used the USB port to transform the flexibility of the POS hardware with various devices. This made his employees happy as they could work more efficiently and not rely on just one device to address manufacturer and customer needs. 

Inventory Management Made Easy

Siddharth encountered yet another issue when he held a meeting with his employees regarding tracking orders from manufacturers, keeping tabs on costs, and inventory management. He was quite disappointed to hear concerns from the Process Administrator regarding the inability to monitor the inventory and track costs quickly as it was highly time-consuming. The Administrator had to use excel sheets to manually enter and track purchase orders and invoices. Siddharth assured his co-workers that he was working on a solution for this. 

Siddharth’s mind was muddled with unwanted thoughts, he began ranting about these issues to his friend who owned a watch store. She asked him to access the peripherals pos system and access the inventory management feature. Siddharth had found his next easter egg, which would ease the process further. With inventory management, he could help his Process Administrator to eliminate the endless time spent working with excel. The Administrator was pleased with this new feature that had been right under his nose. This helps him to ease the process of tracking purchase receipts and setting up inventory for managing supply goods. Siddharth was also happy to see faster reporting on supply goods and could track costs more efficiently.

Customer Servicing Made Easy with Peripheral Support

Siddharth had just purchased another workspace to set up another store. He was busy setting up his newly purchased touch screen POS billing machine, cash drawer for POS, POS touch screen system, and the best thermal printer that he could find in the market. Little did he know that he was just about to discover the final easter egg that would make his jobs far simpler in the new store. As he was going through the user manuals of the newly purchased items, he learned about how these systems could be connected to barcode scanners, mounted display units, RFID scanners, high-performance printers, and more. This widened the grin on his face as he knew that these touch screen POS billing machines could add a huge value to his business operations by ensuring faster processing thanks to seamless synchronization.


From Siddharth’s journey of uncovering these hidden easter eggs in POS peripherals, you can streamline your business operations easily. These features help businesses across various industries. So regardless of whether you own a restaurant, resort, retail store, cafe, pharmacy, a healthcare firm, you can make the most of these features to ensure robust inventory management and seamless transactions. 

Posiflex POS peripherals are loaded with all of these features and more. Our POS hardware is tailored to address the different needs of business owners and employees alike. We help you put a big smile on your customers through our peripherals.

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