Here are 4 Popular Android POS Terminals For Your Business

Android POS terminal

Android POS terminal

With technology evolving to address varying business requirements, businesses need to consistently evolve and equip themselves with the latest hardware. Android POS terminals are the right choice to keep up with the ever-competitive market. They are touch-screen terminals pre-loaded with an Android operating system. They are loaded with various features that help both sales executives and customers place orders and manage operations with the tap of a button. They are versatile in design and quite handy to use. Whether you are into retail, hospitality, healthcare, or manufacturing an Android POS machine will be the best companion for your business. 

Posiflex Android POS Terminals

While working with multiple customers in a large environment, you will need a mobile POS machine that is compact and easy to use. Posiflex Android POS machine peripherals are known for their sleek build and wide range of functionality and options that establish a work-friendly environment. With its robust touchscreen, powerful Rockchip processor, and compatibility with the latest Android operating systems, the Posiflex Android POS billing machine is the right fit for your company. 

Posiflex MT4210A Big Screen POS Terminal

Whether you are a startup, or a well-established firm, the Posiflex MT 4210A big screen Android POS terminal is the best option for handling a wide range of customers and addressing their needs with the tap of a button. This is a value-for-money device that helps overcome long hours at the work desk and eliminates the hassle of entering each input meticulously. Geared with the ARM processor, this device enables you to multitask and address customer queries with the tap of a button. Its 10.1-inch PCAP touchscreen monitor supports wide viewing angles for easy usability. 

Attending to multiple customers simultaneously could be daunting. The MT4210A will resolve this issue with its detachable tablet and  pistol grip; allowing employees to carry the device freely and implement updates on time. Retail store managers can use this device across their chain of stores as it also comes with a 2D barcode scanner and an additional battery to ensure uninterrupted operation. You can ensure minimal downtime in operation and ensure increased employee productivity. 

Posiflex MT5210A Hybrid POS Tablet

For businesses that are well-established and are new to exploring different ways to optimize simple functions with automation, the Posiflex MT5210A hybrid POS tablet works wonders. A sudden increase in sales and inflow of customers can often be challenging to handle. Businesses can oftentimes find themselves in sticky situations if they follow conventional methods in billing and order management. A large desktop computer that manages a printer and the barcode scanner is bound to slow down operations in the long run, thereby leading to unsatisfied customers.

The MT5210A is the best Android POS machine India that is known for its robust design and easy integration options. Loaded with the Rockchip RK3399 processor, this device also has the option of upgrading from a dual-core Cortex A72 to a 1.8 GHz Quad-code Cortex A53. It is a true workhorse machine with a plethora of features that support a wide range of connectivity options as well. It comes with a G sensor, Power Jack, microSD, micro-SIM, and micro-USB compatibility. With features like a built-in scanner, fingerprint reader, MSR, and dock station, store executives can make the most of these options to boost business productivity and ensure happy customers. 

Feature-Packed Posiflex HS2414A POS

Making the most of your workspace is important for all businesses. A cluttered workspace with a large printer, desktop PC, and tangled wires is a sore sight for employees and customers. Also, it could also result in poor space management and mundane operations that involve a lot of hand-holding on multiple levels. Also, arranging a workspace with multiple hardware devices is highly time-consuming and demands a lot of regular maintenance, resulting in increased downtime. All these hassles can be overcome with the feature-packed Posiflex HS2414A Android POS terminal. This device is designed as a solution to overcome the counter space problem and amplify store sales substantially.

The HS2414A Android POS terminal comes with a 14-inch PCAP touchscreen, and Quad-core processor, and is compatible with the latest Android OS. With Miflare NFC, fingerprint reader, Wi-Fi, 4G Sim, and MSR options, this device is a perfect one-stop solution for your operating needs. Its compact design and the built-in 3-inch printer with auto cutter enable managers and executives to manage their space better.

Compact All-in-one Posiflex HS3314

Manufacturing and healthcare industries can make use of the Posiflex  HS3314 Android POS terminal as it is known for its standout features. This device can be used in rough environments due to its robust build and water-proof front panel. Businesses can also customize the device according to the current situation as it comes with expandable storage options and can accommodate faster quad-core Rockchip processors. It is compatible with OTG USB, LAN port, and an RFID reader that supports MIFARE ultralight and classic 1K card. This device is sure to transform your workspace and help achieve business goals and sales goals with increased customer satisfaction. 


Posiflex Android POS terminals are built with the users and customers in mind. They help boost business productivity with their highly reliable design, wide connectivity options, and compatibility with various devices. It helps store executives and owners work comfortably and manage their workspace more efficiently. Reach out to Posiflex for a free demo and choose the right device for the best Android POS machine price.